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Акционерное общество «Завод фрикционных и термостойких материалов», АО «ФРИТЕКС»


Sealing gaskets

Sealing Gaskets are complicated multilayer articles with two or more layers of special polymer composition in a form of paper produced at the plant and perforated steel as a core between the layers. Gaskets are used for sealing of 2-contacting surfaces joints. Cylinder head gaskets, gaskets for sealing of joints of gas exhaust system, of fuel and lubricant feeding system are available. Currently, the production of a new type of a gasket– multilayer metal gasket is launched.

Clutch Facings

Applied in vehicle clutch couplings for torque transfer. Furthermore, Clutch Facings ensure vehicle smooth motion beginning. According to the customers’ requirements and as per production method, Clutch Facings are divided into molded and scatter wound clutch facings. Molded clutch facings are manufactured from polymer composition by molding method in press molds with further heat treatment. Scatter wound clutch facings are manufactured from cotton and wire thread impregnated in special composition by winding method and following curing in press molds with heat treatment.

Brake Linings and Pads

Used in drum and disk brakes. Brake Linings and Pads are used for deceleration of motion or for holding and complete stop of a brake in assembly. Brake Linings are reliable in operation, do not wear brake drum, require a very little time for wear in, are cost efficient. They have got high mechanical strength, the stable performance properties in areas of temperate, tropical and cold climates at the temperature down to minus 60 °C degrees. Brake linings and pads are produced by the molding method in press molds with electrical heating or in press molds without heating but with the following operation of heat treatment.

Brake Blocks for Railway Transport

Ensure effective braking in brake assemblies of railway cars. Brake blocks are manufactured by method of hot molding of special polymer composition with meshed backing plate and wire reinforcement. At the present time brake blocks are supplied to the freight car fleet of Russia and CIS. Today one of priorities of FRITEX Stock Co. is the development of sintered brake blocks and pads, in particular for railway transport.


At the present time FRITEX Stock Co. offers a wide range of sealing materials with different technical characteristics and ways of application in many vehicles’ joints and assemblies and other machinery. Furthermore, FRITEX Stock Co. manufactures heat-resistant technical paper and cardboard widely used as isolating and sealing materials in different electrical and thermal devices, as well as in domestic and industrial machines.

Other articles

Apart from the main products’ range FRITEX Stock Co. manufactures a range of extra auto spare parts, such as friction washers, isolating washers, etc. according to the customers’ requirements. Friction washes are used in dry type clutch disk assemblies of cars and tractors providing the required friction force. Isolating washers are applied in passenger cars, motorcycles and tractors to ensure heat isolation of springs from pressure clutch plate. These articles are punched from molded and pressed materials.