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Latest new products for aftermarket

September 2012

Brake pad КАМАЗ 53212-3501105 in addition to treatment from internal surface is grinded by external surface by dimensions T 18,5±0,5/ 13,5±0,5 mm. Usage of the given pads allows end customer to perform replacement of brake pads and its installation into brake assembly withput additional treatment saving time and money. Set of pads 53212-3501105 consists 8 pieces and packed into a thermofilm and such material is produces in a set with rivets as well.
Production of sets of brake discs 70-3502040-02. 85-3502040-02 for tractors of Minsk Tractor Plant. The set includes four brake discs. Packaging is done in individual way with usage of corporate design.

October 2012

”Fritex” Stock Co. is getting ready to produce sets of brake shoes for Kamaz under brand of «mountain serpentine road». The set will include two brake shoes.. Packaging of set is individual with corporate design. Given products will be produces in “PREMIUM” category.