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Акционерное общество «Завод фрикционных и термостойких материалов», АО «ФРИТЕКС»

Quality Management

FRITEX Stock Co. considers quality issues as priority in its activity and sets the following own strategic objectives:

  • strengthening of leading position in development, production and supplies of high-quality non-asbestos friction and heat-resistant materials and articles to the Russian market and organization of  Aftermarket supplies of spare parts for foreign cars;
  • fulfillment of requirements and expectations of customers in high-quality, reliable and ecological products;
  • stable financial and economic position of the plant ensuring gaining of a stable profit and improving of every employee’s welfare.

To achieve the set objectives we intend to:

  • carry out continual technical development of the plant on the base of modern safe technological processes, equipment, raw materials;
  • observe all legislative and mandatory requirements, relating to our products and production prosess;
  • provide the condition for complete termination of asbestos–containing products production;
  • maintain leadership of managers of all levels in quality issues;
  • develop and encourage creative activities of the staff;
  • achieve the involving of every employee in continuous quality improvement process;
  • provide conditions for high-productivity and safety work;
  • develop and improve continuously Quality Management System, management and production processes in accordance with requirements of International Standards;
  • provide the execution of additional requirements of: ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2008;
  • systematically raise the level of professional skills and the competence of employees of every level;
  • improve information system of the plant;
  • maintain business relationships with manufacturers of vehicles, engines and railway transport with the aim of continuous improvement of quality and of meeting their requirements and expectations;
  • develop mutually beneficial and partnership relationships with suppliers.

Quality is the way to success and prosperity of our plant.