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Акционерное общество «Завод фрикционных и термостойких материалов», АО «ФРИТЕКС»

Plant development

FRITEX Stock Co., Plant of Friction and Heat-Resistant Materials is  the leading, fast developing producer of polymer composite materials and articles in Russia. The plant was set up in 1932 as per a project of American company and was the first specialized plant in the country and one of the biggest plants of sealing heat-resistant and friction materials and articles in Europe.

In 1992 the plant became a joint-stock company. And in 2003 its reconstruction was completed.

Today FRITEX is the biggest producer of cylinder head and manifold gaskets, drum brake linings and disc brake pads, clutch facings, sealing and heat-insulating materials, railway and metro brake shoes. The products are used for all local passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and buses, as well as for farming vehicles.

Products made at FRITEX Stock Co. are supplied as OE parts to the leading car-making, tractor and engine plants of Russia and CIS: AVTOVAZ, GAZ, KAMAZ, ZIL, ChTZ, MTZ, VTZ, ZMZ, YaMZ, MMZ and others.

Quality and Environment Management Systems developed at FRITEX Stock Co. help to improve quality and competitiveness of products.

Quality and Environmental management Systems of FRITEX Stock Co. are certified according to International Standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001-2004.

In March 2009 Quality Management System of FRITEX Stock Co. has got confirmation about its compliance to the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2009 concerning automotive industry.

FRITEX Stock Co. has its own Technical Center with R&D, testing and environment laboratories.

Sixty skilled engineers-technologists and designers work in the Technical Center. During last 5 years Technical Center experts have developed and launched into production more than 100 kinds of new products and materials.

There is lab and production equipment in R&D laboratory. That machinery allows producing trial clutch facings, brake linings and pads, sealing heat-resistant gaskets as per full technological cycle.  

The testing lab is equipped with up-to-date equipment for execution of full complex of analytical and physical-mechanical tests of products. The laboratory has got accreditation in Russian State Standard and Russian Certification Body for Railways. The laboratory has got license for carrying out certification tests.  

There are four dynamometers and one motor test bench in the testing lab, which are used for testing of clutch facings, brake linings and pads, sealing heat-resistant gaskets. With those means the company develops new articles that fully meet the requirements of customers.

The testing lab is equipped with fully automated test complex. Every half a second the complex is measuring all the parameters of the tested material, after that the information is analyzed and recorded in computers in operators’ room. 

There is an environment (eco-analytical) laboratory at the plant to provide plant’s environment quality control and to produce environment friendly products. The laboratory has got accreditation in Russian State Standard.

The up-to-date Technical Center helps FRITEX Stock Co. to develop new solutions and introduce articles with improved characteristics into the production. And so, the company can meet the customers’ requirements and expectations for competitive, reliable products with optimal balance price-quality.