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Акционерное общество «Завод фрикционных и термостойких материалов», АО «ФРИТЕКС»

Environmental Policy

FRITEX Stock Co. considers preservation of the environment and human beings health protection as a priority guideline of its activities and as an essential part of modern business focused on long-term success.


The main goal of Environmental Policy of FRITEX Stock Co. is to minimize environmental impact of production activity of the plant of friction and heat-resistant materials.


To achieve the formulated goal the Management and all the employees are obliged to:

-         act in accordance with requirements of environmental regulations;

-         realize gradual transfer of existing asbestos production to high quality non-asbestos production with increased life service and with installation of up-to-date equipment and implementation of new processes fulfilling the safety requirements and preservation of the environment;

-         improve the existing and to install new devices for purification of pollution emissions;

-         tend to reduction of production wastes and their maximal possible utilization in production of friction and heat-resistant materials;

-         use energy-saving reserves, up-to-date resource-saving equipment and technologies;

-         improve working environment and to increase safety level at workplaces;

-         develop and to improve Environmental Management System;

-         tend to prevention of emergency situations with a negative influence on the environment;

-         carry out objective estimation and correction of own activity to gain the constant improvement of environmental targets;

-         develop communication and cooperation with official authorities, public associations, business partners and mass media in regards to environmental issues;

-         avow the results of environmental activity to all parties interested in the information;

-         improve system of environmental education of staff.