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Акционерное общество «Завод фрикционных и термостойких материалов», АО «ФРИТЕКС»

FRITEX Stock Co.
(Plant of Friction and Heat-Resistant Materials)

FRITEX is a leading Russian manufacturer of sealing and friction products, which are supplied to all automotive, engine, tractor and rail car building plants in Russia and CIS countries. The plant was established in 1932 and is one of the oldest in the industry. At present the plant is equipped with most modern equipment, disposes high-qualified personnel and unique R&D center which is able to design any friction or sealing product upon request from the Customer.

Currently the company is a key supplier of such assembly plants as AVTOVAZ (LADA), GAZ, KAMAZ, URALVAGONZAVOD etc. In 2011 FRITEX received an authorization from RENAULT-NISSAN Alliance for the delivery of the automotive components to its plants located in Russia.

Quality management system of FRITEX is certified for compliance to the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 including design and development processes.


Sealing products. The main sealing products are cylinder head and gas pipeline gaskets for automotive engines. Sealing gaskets are produced from the composite materials without asbestos or have metal multilayer or one-layer design. Development and manufacturing of the metal multilayer gaskets is carried out within the technical cooperation with the company VICTOR REINZ (Germany), which is a part of the American corporation DANA.

FRITEX also manufactures and sells the coiled and sheet gasket material to be used by the other companies for gasket production.

Friction products. Together with the brake linings for the disc and drum brakes for the passenger cars and trucks the range of products includes friction pads and also friction products for the rail transport, agricultural machinery and manufacturing industry. Friction products incorporate the best practices and knowledge in the sphere of the composite materials and technologies of their manufacturing.

Alongside with high efficiency and quality products of FRITEX are noted for their long life and favorable noise characteristics.

During period from 23th to 26st of September 2014 company “Fritex” Stock Co. presented its products and conducted meetings with partners on a fair of achievements of transport industry InnoTrans 2014 in Berlin (Germany).
During celebrations of 80 years of the plant, there was organized an annual meeting of Sales Operators of Fritex Stock Co.
During period from 18th to 21st of September 2012 company “Fritex” Stock Co. presented its products and conducted meetings with partners on a fair of achievements of transport industry InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin (Germany).
Brake pad КАМАЗ 53212-3501105 in addition to treatment from internal surface is grinded by external surface by dimensions T 18,5±0,5/ 13,5±0,5 mm. Usage of the given pads allows end customer to perform replacement of brake pads and its installation into brake assembly withput additional treatment saving time and money. Set of pads 53212-3501105 consists 8 pieces and packed into a thermofilm and such material is produces in a set with rivets as well.
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